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Cummings Development, Inc. has been in business since 2003 serving the Houston area in the fields of Architecture and Construction as well as Residential Development.  From the beginning, the company was about quality and most of all, integrity.  The foundation of this company was formed from a commercial design and construction background.  This has enabled the company to excel well beyond the capacities of typical builders and residential architects in Houston.  Our approach to a project is different from other firms.  The design is started from the unique perspective of timeless design while the construction is about quality, longevity, and sustainability.  The areas of our expertise range from new commercial construction, new residential construction to residential remodeling in the Houston area.



Having graduated in 1985 from the University of Houston School of Architecture, Robert Cummings is a licensed architect with many years of experience as a general contractor.  Combining both talents together enables Cummings Development, Inc. to excel amongst our competition as a distinctive builder.  Because our view is that construction and design is an art, the projects take on a timeless artistic feel through space and architecture.  Many years of commercial, institutional, and residential construction experience has given us an advantage for problem solving.  Over the years, we have taken on a variety of projects including remodeling.



Amongst home remodeling contractors in Houston, we take a unique approach.  Many of the home remodeling contractors in Houston simply focus on the specific area of the building project to satisfy the functional requirements of the owner.  However, our approach is to look at the entire building as well as the owner’s functional requirements and integrate them to become not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing, while having a seamless relationship with the original building.  The challenge is to make the end result better than the original building.  Residential remodeling in Houston has increased in demand due to increased real estate prices as well as the desire for sustaining good architecture.  We have approached projects different from other home remodeling contractors in Houston in that we bring out the beauty of the original design to its fullest expression. Typically, residential architects in Houston are not involved with construction pricing and the construction process.  Our firm not only designs but can price as well as construct the project.  Residential remodeling in Houston has become a flourishing market due to the success of creating an affordable and modern lifestyle in more expensive, older neighborhoods.   Our design skills as well as construction experience stand out amongst other residential architects in Houston, home remodeling contractors in Houston, in the market for residential remodeling in Houston.